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Whether you're a competitive multisport athlete, an experienced open water swimmer or just enjoy swimming for fun, TRIbal Triathlon offers a unique multisport experience you'll love - come and join our Tribe!

Tribal Triathlon offers a unique, inspirational and holistic open water swimming and multisport training, race and retail experience, located in the tranquil surroundings of Vobster Quay near the historic Spa city of Bath.

Our venue boasts one of the most beautiful and safe open water swimming lakes in Southern England, with crystal-clear spring-fed clean fresh water, bespoke water entry/exit points and safety boat cover.
You will not only be greeted by the warmest of welcomes from TRIbal staff, and a full range of facilities, but you will also have access to the highest quality coaching and support team, commanding a wealth of knowledge, expertise and applied experience in all aspects of open water swimming and multi sport training and racing.
Providing for your training & performance needs
TRIbal triathlon is a unique, inspirational and holistic open water swimming and multisport experience - the TRIbal hub offers all these superb benefits and more...
  • Ample and secure on site car parking
  • A bespoke open water swimming quayside
  • Safe water entry / exit points and safety/timing tag system
  • Heated changing rooms with free hot showers
  • Onsite catering offering a range of hot food and drinks

  • 1-1, small group and Club coaching, covering all areas of open water swimming, triathlon and swim, bike and run disciplines
  • Technical support on swim wetsuit and goggle fitting, wetsuit repairs and wetsuit measuring up for tailored wetsuits
  • Coaching workshops, clinics and Q&A
  • Highest quality of water and visibility - water quality tested regularly through Wessex Water laboratories
  • A designated, permanently marked 750m swim course
  • A designated and marked coaching/skills area, away from the main 750m course
  • Water safety boat cover
  • A designated events pontoon leading to a large events field

  • TRIbal website providing a comprehensive online presence with full information on the TRIbal venue, events calendar, coaching opportunities, membership benefits and useful resources.
  • TRIbal on social media - follow us on Facebook & Twitter
Developing and Inspiring you to achieve!
We aim to deliver the highest quality of coaching, service and support, helping both those new to open water swimming / multisport training and racing, through to the elite performer.
For those novices/newbies to open water swimming and multisport, the TRIbal team will guide and help to introduce you in a way that builds your self confidence, awareness of personal/group safety and develops the specific skills that will allow you to fully explore the unique tranquillity, beauty and thrill of open water, in the safe settings of Vobster Quay.

For those seeking to progress in the ultimate challenge of open water swim/multisport racing, the TRIbal team knows what it takes to unlock your inner potential, to stretch the perceived limits of performance, to enhance your skills and physical performance and to motivate and inspire you to the next level and beyond.

Adventure is an attitude that we can apply to every part of our lives: Facing new challenges, responding positively to change and evolution, seizing new opportunities, testing ourselves against the unknown, the unpredictable and in the process discovering our own unique potential. We have one life - live it!

The TRIbal HUB at Vobster Quay is a unique and stunning open water venue and we are really committed to keep it this way, both preserving the immediate environment and minimising any direct or indirect environmental impact of our operations and events.

Wherever possible, TRIbal will seek to minimise the environmental impact of it's programmes and events through the use of sustainable, recycled and responsibly sourced resources.

All members and visitors to TRIbal at Vobster Quay are encouraged to car share whenever possible and/or use natural or more environmentally friendly transport. There are designated areas for bikes to be secured and locked safely by the quayside.

We manage and preserve the woodland areas on site and in addition Vobster Quay supports the following environmental/conservations groups and projects:

Join the tribe!
Become a TRIbal member and save on every visit!
Planning to visit Vobster Quay on a regular basis? TRIbal membership is open to all and offers a range of money-saving benefits and support to individuals and clubs...
We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed welcoming environment that inspires and builds self confidence in those new to open swimming and multisport, whilst equally enhancing the performance development and racing of those more experienced or wishing to compete at a higher level. We welcome individuals, groups, clubs and coaches and are very happy to discuss your requirements and individual needs.

Non-member swimming entry to Vobster Quay for swimmers/multisport athletes costs just £8.75 per visit with no added charges for facility usage. For those who plan to visit Vobster Quay on a regular basis, we recommend taking advantage of our exclusive annual TRIbal membership which caters for swimming, triathlon and multisport participation.

TRIbal membership represents excellent value! Costing just £36.00 and valid for 12 months from the date you sign up, joining our TRIbal Membership scheme entitles you to a range of exclusive benefits including discounted entry to the site - instead of paying £8.75, TRIbal members pay only £6.25!

  • Reduced Entry Fee
    Save money every time you visit and swim at Vobster Quay! + a weekly multi-visit voucher
  • Regular TRibal Newsletter
    Exclusive coaching tips, product advice, event information and special promotions as well as general open water swimming and triathlon news in an exclusive members newsletter!
  • Discount on retail purchases
    Fancy some retail therapy? As a TRIbal Member, you'll save upto 10% on every purchase!
  • 10% off food purchases
    Our delicious range of hot & cold food and drink tastes even better when it's 10% cheaper.
  • Discounts on Coaching &
    Special Event Promotions
    As a TRIbal member receive special discount offers and event entry promotions at Vobster Quay.
  • Club Discounts
    If your Club is interested in purchasing a 'block' of TRIbal memberships please contact the TRIbal team and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
Sounds too good to be true? Don't you believe it - becoming a Vobster Quay swim member is very easy too! Follow these simple guidelines and you'll be signed up and enjoying those fabulous membership benefits in no time!

Becoming a TRIbal member is very easy indeed. Here's how to do it...

  • IN PERSON - Next time you're on site at Vobster Quay, simply pop into the shop and join up over the counter. Once the membership form is complete, we'll issue you a membership card there and then.
Delivering the best open water swimming experience
Vobster's TRIbal Triathlon Hub welcomes open water swimmers, triathletes & other multisport athletes with a range of highest quality facilities, coaching and support services that will enhance your training & significantly improve your performance.

With 36-acres of fresh water fed from underground springs, swimmers of all levels will find the mix of onsite facilities, high quality coaching and a friendly welcome hard to resist.

The quality of and visibility in our lake water is second to none. To ensure the health and safety of all visitors to Vobster Quay, the lake water is regularly tested for purity and cleanliness and conforms to standards set well above those set for swimming and those regulated by open water swimming Governing bodies.

The TRIbal Hub facilities offer swimmers a swim specific quayside; a measured and marked 750m swim course; a designated and marked coaching and skills training area; high quality coaching support and programmes; a unique and inspiring events programme and relaxed friendly pre & après swim cafe facilities.
  • Ample Car Parking
    With two large car parks, there's always plenty of space to park your car.
  • Heated Changing Facilities
    Vobster Quay offers clean and spacious male and female changing facilities, hot showers and toilets.
  • Water Quality
    The lake water at Vobster Quay is regularly tested to ensure health and well being of all visitors. Surface water temperature, visibility and lake conditions are measured and updated daily.
  • Safety
    Your safety and enjoyment is our number one priority. Please read, understand and fully adhere to our open water swim safety guidelines. All our staff are trained in emergency first aid and water safety procedures and the site benefits from two high speed RIBS should you run into difficulties.
  • Designated training areas
    & 705m swim course
    Our lake offers both a designated coaching and swim skills area and a measured and permanently marked 750m swim course.
  • Food Catering
    Our onsite catering facilities and sports cafe offer a full range of hot and cold food and drinks. From a simple snack to a filling meal, we've got it covered.
  • Coaching, Training & Racing
    TRIbal Triathlon offers high quality coaching support, training programmes and an extensive race/events programme.
  • Shelter
    Getting wet is all part of the fun but not when you're on the surface! We've provided a large marquee with seating on the swim quayside, for briefings, easy transitions and to keep you and your kit dry should the weather decide not to play ball.
Associations & TRIbal Partners
Putting you in touch!
TRIbal Triathlon works in conjunction and partnership with a range of open water swimming and multisport organisations and partners to maintain the highest standards of knowledge, provision and delivery. The following links will help keep you in touch with the world of open water swimming and multisport.
British Triathlon Federation
Triathlon England
The British Triathlon Federation (BTF) is the UK's official governing body of Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathlon and other swim / bike / run multisport disciplines. The BTF set national standards and official rules for the sport; support Club, athlete, coaching and officials development, as well as event organisation and the promotion and development of the sport from grass roots participation through to elite age group and elite international teams.

The BTF is split into home nation governing body representation. Triathlon England co-ordinate triathlon and multisport development and participation both nationally and within the English regions. Triathlon England membership offers a significant range of benefits to individual athletes and Clubs including invaluable insurance cover for training and racing.

H2 Open is the widely recognized magazine for the world of open water swimming. With useful event and club listings, informative coaching articles, news features from around the world, competitions and a lot more H2Open magazine is the perfect partner to dive into open water swimming with.

OTE Sports Nutrition
OTE Sports Nutrition are the 'new kids on the block' in terms of developing high quality, naturally flavoured performances sports nutrition and supplements. Developed by athletes and sports scientists for high performance athletes, the OTE range supports all aspects of training, performance and recovery. As official sports nutrition partners to TRIbal Triathlon, you can not only try OTE's full product range at the Vobster Quay shop, you be confident that you will be supported by the best products at TRIbal Triathlon events.

Outdoors Swimming Society
The Outdoors Swimming Society provides lots valuable information on open water swimming of all kinds, from event information and safety advice to club listings and open forums.

SNUGG Wetsuits
SNUGG wetsuits are a Cornish based wetsuit producer with a strong pedigree in making high quality bespoke and individually tailored performance swim wetsuits. Not everyone fits an 'off the peg' wetsuit and if you're looking for a great fit as well as a fast performance, TRIbal Triathlon can measure you up and advise you on buoyancy and wetsuit fitting before ordering your SNUGG 'made to measure' wetsuit.

Swim Smooth
Swim Smooth is a highly regarded swim coaching programme, that offers swimmers and triathletes a range of high quality resources and support programmes. Although, based in Perth Western Australia, Swim Smooth operate within the UK and are the main swim providers for British Triathlon.

TYR is one of the leading swimwear and triathlon wetsuit and clothing manufacturers, renown for developing and making high performance swimwear, wetsuits and goggles. TRIbal Triathlon is developing an exciting partnership with TYR, both in terms of retail stock and as a test venue for fitting, product testing and support. TYR are supporting the development of the new Vobster Quayside and providing product and support for TRIbal's events programme.

Wild Swimming
If you're excited and inspired to extend your open water swimming experience once you have visited TRIbal Triathlon at Vobster Quay, the Wild Swimming community offers a network of regional open water swimming groups, details of some fantastic open water swimming events and maps of some stunning open water/wild swimming sites. The Wild swimming website also provides some useful guidelines and advice on safety and health hazards when open water swimming.

Download PDFs of Important TRIbal Documents
For ease of access to key information on terms of entry, open water swimming, TRIbal Triathlon services and useful information, the following PDF documents are available for you to download:
New to open water swimming at Vobster Quay? We've put together a very useful leaflet packed with really useful stuff like swim timetables, a map of the swim course and so much more. Even if you're a seasoned Vobster swimmer, check it out - we're betting there's stuff in there that you may not already know!

What's the water temperature at Vobster Quay? It's a question that we get asked a lot. To help you to understand how the surface water temperature changes over the course of the year, we have created this handy chart based on data collected during 2017. Note that this chart should be treated as a guide only.

All non members swimmers are required to sign a TRIbal Visitor Declaration stating that you have read and fully understood the terms and conditions of entry and providing key information for your safety whilst swimming at Vobster Quay. In order to speed up entry at the gates/in the shop non members can download and complete this form prior to arriving at Vobster. Please hand your completed sign in form to gate/shop staff to sign in.

TRIbal membership is open to all and offers a range of benefits and support to individuals and Clubs. For full details of TRIbal membership, click here. Download and complete this form to apply for TRIbal membership.

As a new member or non member visitor you will be required to complete a short questionnaire and swim competency declaration before your first swim at Vobster Quay. Should any of your personal medical, health and fitness and swimming competency change, please discuss this with a member of the TRIbal team.

TRIbal Triathlon at Vobster Quay and (NOWCA) have established the following guidelines, terms and conditions of use, Competence Tests and Competence Declaration for juniors under the age of 16yrs wishing to participate in Open Water swimming at Vobster Quay.

All the important info you need to know
Our terms and conditions of entry are designed to facilitate your safe participation in open water swimming and multisport activity at Vobster Quay. They are based on the agreed standards of best practice of several National Governing Bodies and are reviewed regularly. They are also designed to help educate open water swimmers in safe practice at the venue and when swimming in open water away from Vobster Quay. Please read, fully understand and adhere to these terms and conditions on each visit.

Your privacy is important to us. Click on the link below to view our privacy policy. This important legal document details how we collect data on you, the steps we take to keep that data secure, what we do with that data and what you can do to remove any data that we hold on you. We will never sell your data to any third party and we never share or swap your data with a third party. Your information is secure with us.

Get connected with a club near you!
TRIbal Triathlon membership is focused purely on the activities, events and coaching support at Vobster Quay, rather than a membership multisport Club.

TRIbal Triathlon works impartially with a range of local triathlon and swimming clubs, organisations and squads, supporting their membership through coaching, training activities and support and high quality / low cost events. If your Club is interested in what TRIbal Triathlon can offer, if you have specific coaching support needs or would like us to host a training event please get in touch.

If you would like your club to be listed below, please contact Richard Smith.
Bath Amphibians Triathlon Club
Bristol & District Tri Club
Frome Canoe Club
Frome Swimming Club
Frome Triathlon Club
Kingswood Triathlon Club
Mendip Triathlon Club
Midsomer Tri Sports
Salisbury Triathlon Club
Trowbridge Amateur Swimming Club
Trowbridge Hot Chilli Triathlon Club
Wessex Wizards Tri Club